signs secret abilities

  • aries: can write hella cute poems
  • taurus: amazing at putting together ikea furniture 
  • gemini: best mac and cheese maker around
  • cancer: can decorate cakes really good
  • leo: photoshop expert
  • virgo: can memorize song lyrics in a flash
  • libra: great at finding four leaf clovers
  • scorpio: super good with makeup
  • sagittarius: can take really pretty photos
  • capricorn: expert tree climber
  • aquarius: awesome at giving speeches
  • pisces:  can beat any and every video game

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*ignores age difference between me and my celebrity crushes*

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Happy 29th Birthday Arden Cho! - August 16th, 1985

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everyone: are you okay
everyone: you look tired
everyone: you look upset
everyone: you look confused
everyone: are you mad at me
everyone: what happened to you
everyone: are you sick

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